Popiel Adolf (1786-1866), an officer in the Warsaw Duchy army, November Uprising soldier, emigrant in France.

Born in 1786 in Kepno (Poznan), served during 1809 campaign, on November 25, 1809 promoted to the rank of 2nd lieutenant in 4th of Galizien-French Infantry, since April 4, 1810 a lieutenant in 2nd of Light Cavalry. Honorably discharged on December 18, 1815. During November Uprising served as a lieutenant colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko Krakusy. On April 27, 1831 with the general Joseph Dwernicki's corps he went to Galicia and was interned there. In 1832 he came to France and was institionalized in Besancon. After gaining a Minister's of War permit he left the Institution and settled in Paris on June 22, 1832. Died in Paris in 1866.

In 1820 he became a member of the United Poles Brothers (Great East of Poland) lodge in Warsaw. Before March 20, 1832 he became a student-member (!) in the  "La Constante Amitie (Great East of France) lodge in Besancon, and before August 1, 1832 he became a Master in Polish lodge "Perseverance- Esperance" <"Perseverance - Hope"> (Wielki Wschod Francji) in Besancon.

M-L, item 2894; Tableau "La Constante..." 20 III 1832 (print) B Nat., FM2 165

in: Ludwik Jerzy Hass: Wolnomularze polscy w kraju i na swiecie 1821-1999. Slownik biograficzny. Oficyna Wydawnicza RYTM, Warszawa 1999

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