Cholodecki,   Bialynia    Sanockie w roku 1846 (Sanok region in 1846). Lwów 1906


"According to the record of the Sanok police district, Popiel Wiktor and Popiel Wladyslaw, sons of a freeholder of Draziowa were imprisoned (...)."

"Ludwik Mazurkiewicz worked in Sanok region. The majority of the nobles (...) declared access to the action. Similar declaration was given to the emmissary Michal Wiesiolowski in Wydrno, at Antoni Popiel's home where apart from Mazurkiewicz, other conspirators such as Sylwester Brzescianski i Romuald Zurowski were present as well as arriving from Hungary Jerzy Bulharyn, named a chief commanding officer of the upraising in Sanok area (...)

"In Wydrne Antoni Popiel welcomed the comerades (II Department) with gathered at his home people. Rev. Locheta was at lead. A standard with description "Libert, Equality, Independence", consecrated at Polana was carried (...)


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