If doctor Wyrostek was right that the Popiels came from the Drag-Sas clan, which arrived to Poland and Ruthenia from Germany through Hungary, one shall suppose that some of the clan moved East directly to Pomerania.


Koczorowski, Eugeniusz    Pogrom Krzyzackiej armady. Miniatury historyczne, Bellona, Warszawa 2003

p. 67

... When it comes to the captains and skippers, which were given the letters of marque by the Town of Gdansk, then setting aside their motivations and intentions pushing them into their profession, it is necessary to emphasize their qualifications. Undoubtedly the best of them were Hans Bornholm, Jan Bockelman, Szymon Lubbelow, Jakub Vochs, Wincenty Stolle, Henryk Popiel, Jorg Jost, Krzysztof Fere, Wawrzyniec Rikei, Henryk Sternberg. They all were listed (after the battle of Elblag) in a single letter of marque of March 22, 1465.  ...

p. 98

... Gdansk corsairs showed up on these waters unexpectedly attacking German merchant ships before those were able to form a convoy, and even inside the harbors. Particular activity showed Gdansk corsairs under captains Henryk Popiel, Klaus Klockner...

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