is the name of the authors of this site. Popiel is also the name of (as we suspect) some 5000 people living on all continents. This name appears in the first description of Poland and its history dated on XII cetury. Its bearer was a legendary ruler of Poland living in IX century. Historic Popiels inhabited region of Sanok and Drohobycz (Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine) in XIV century. In 1414 the King of Poland and the Great Duke of Lithuania confirms Popiels' nobility acknowledging their merits at the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg). The oldest document related to our ancestors, which we were able to find is dated on July 21, 1427.

The knight Popiel and his immediate descendants were using the coat of arms Sas. In XVI century some of the Popiels were using the coat of arms Sulima. The coat of arms Sas was used by many families of the Ruthenian nobility. Their original nest was Galician Ruthenia. The Popiels of XV century were Ruthenians, in later centuries the Popiels migrated to central Poland and Russia changing their nationality. The clan of Popiels was very propagated already in XVI century. Some Popiels were spelling their name slightly different, as Popil. Ukrainian and Russian version of the name spelling with Roman characters is Popel. In XIX and XX century many Popiels settled in USA emigrants from Galicia , Eastern Poland and Russia, which are writing their names as Popiel, Popel and Popil.





Coat of Arms SAS - Description

Coat of Arms SULIMA - Description

Coat of Arms NAŁĘCZ - Description

Coat of arms of Popiels was Sas. Later, a branch of the family started using another coat of arms called Sulima. There were also Popiels who were using Nałęcz coat of arms.

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Note: This site is under continuous development. Some of  the documents presented at Polish-language site are not yet translated into English. The translation will proceed as rapidly as our professional duties allow.


This site intends to be a source of knowledge about origins and history of the Popiels, so that all Popiels can learn about their ancestry. Also it creates a possibility of developing contacts between people who most probably came from the good knight Popiel living circa 1380. We hope that we contribute to starting and developing aforementioned contacts and that the site will grow with new information related not only to the history of our powerful clan, but also related to the living Popiels of today.

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