I want to give some directions to those interested in studying their family lineage. Records are available in regional State Archives for years 1810-1904 and last hundred years records can be found in Township Hall of Records.
Russian occupant had put in order registry of births, marriages and deaths from 1810 creating administrative departments at the level of townships, including Courts of Peace.
By law, members of such Court were local priest, township clerk and two witnesses-jurors. The registers were made in two copies: one for the township administration, the other one for the Church. After preparing a certificate, birth, marriage or death, all members of the Court used to sign the document.
Until 1863 the priest usually prepared the certificate on Polish; after the 1963 uprising these certificates were written in Russian and that is an additional problem even for fellows knowing Russian. The form and the content were usually same as in Polish, but strange characters, specific way of writing when using goose plums as pens cause that family names, names of towns or villages and dates expressed by words instead of numbers are extremely difficult to decipher.  Reviewing records I noticed that evermore people are interested in their roots: everyone examining these record had to put his or her name on the list of visitors, giving away reason of record examination. In order to save time I used to Xerox copy every page of my interest and every document related to the Popiels for further analyzing at home, where I was checking whether it is related to my immediate ancestors and if it would help to create unbroken line of my forebears. Looking for names of Popiels I also have looked for the name of Szablinski, as to my mother came from that family using coat of arms  Rawa. Although I haven't discovered enough records to build a genealogical tree.

Older documents, from before 1810 can be found in old parochial churches, those though, are written in Latin, again with use of quite primitive bird feather for pens and are too, difficult to read, unless a kind priest would agree to translate. 

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