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A letter from Levko Popiel

 Tustanowicze Chart

 Genealogical Tree  of  Levko Popiel

Michal Popiel's genealogy, part 1.

Michal's Popiel genealogy, part 2.

Teodor's Popiel Family asks the general Council of Galicia for confirming of the Teodor's nobleness status (30-Nov-1827)

Teodor Popiel's demonstration of his nobleness status (26-Feb-1828)

Teodor Popiel's suit for confirmation of his demonstrated nobleness staus (5-Mar-1828)

 Government Officer's decision on  Teodor Popiel's nobleness status (22-Mar-1828)

A piece from Lviv newspaper on a Chess Master Stepan Popiel

A Piece from  "Time and Ideas" on Stepan Popiel

Chess Tournament in honor of  Stepan Popiel

A postcard from USA from Stepan Popiel to Michal Popiel

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Jan Popiel
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