Jablonowski, A.    Polska XVI wieku pod wzgledem geograficzno-statystycznym, T. VII, cz.1 i 2., Rus Czerwona. Zrodla Dziejowe T. XVIII, cz. I i II (Poland in 16 cent., geografic and statisctic information, vol.7, part 1 & 2., Ruthenia proper. Sources vol. 17, part 1 & 2). Warszawa 1902-1903

"Old Ruthenian clans used coats of arms: Salawa, Holobok, Kierdeja, Korczak. Other old Ruthenian clans modified their original blazons to established already Polish blazons or adopted them. Mostly, adpopted were such coats of arm as: Nieczuja, Sulima, Junosza, Jastrzeb, Ostoja.
Other old Ruthenian houses, perhaps another half, used to take various Polish blazons and their names. It is possible that that was the way part of Popiels took the coat of arms Sulima (...)"

(...) There is a clan in Sanok land called Jacmirski, which used to use the coat of arms Sulima. They came circa 1375 from Misnia. The first of them was Fryderyk called "Misniar", who received an estate and village Jacmierz near Sanok from king Jagiello. Jacmierz is located near village Popiele. However, it could be farfetched conclusion based on the proximity of the villages and on existence of the Jacmirskis and the Popiels, both having coat of arms Sulima. (...)


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