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e are offering to all interested a complete copy of The Popiels site on the CD-ROM (compact disk). The CD-ROM has both English- and Polish-language version of the site. Additionally we include a copy of Whip!® viewer from Autodesk® for crisp genealogy tree picture and viewing with zooming and panning capability. 
The disk comes in its own jewel box. The disk is labeled with the label showing coats of arms, the Clan's name, the name of the ordering person and the disk number. To obtain this disk a person must significantly contribute to The Popiels Site sending us
essential materials on Popiels and notify us about his/her mailing address. We reserve right to be sole judges of the quality of received materials. 



For qualified contributors we offer 3.5" hight iron-on transfer designs containing an coat of arms (Sas or Sulima) with surname showing up at the top (Popiel) and the coat of arms name (respectively Sas or Sulima) at the bottom. 



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