Time to introduce myself: I'm Eugeniusz Popiel born 03.28.1938 in Nijakow township of Stromiec near Białobrzegi on Pilica.
My father Wawrzyniec from lineage of Rad – Radowic used c.o.a. Sulima and my mother Genowefa nee Szablińska c.o.a. Rawa.
I live for 50 years in Warszawa and from1975 till now I'm a successfull businessman.
For several years my hobby is oil painting, not for income but just for my own and my family satisfaction. Painting gives me pleasure and relax. The following pictures showing my family came from my brush.




My father Wawrzyniec Popiel (1909) 
c.o.a. Sulima

My mother Genowefa Popiel (1916)
nee Szablińska c.o.a. Rawa

That's me, Eugeniusz Popiel  (1938) 
c.o.a. Sulima


My wife Hanna Popiel (1949)
  nee Zajkowska


That's me at present

That's our family's mansion, presently being renovated.

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