Popiel arms Sulima, in Sandomierz, Ruskie, and other provinces: They say that Wladyslaw one of the kings of Poland, provided one (of Popiels) with certain estate in Drohobycz area, due to his merits in service, where he established his own village named Popiele after his name, having great number of inhabitants.
(Niesiecki - Herbarz)


Materials here, were given to us courtesy of Mr. Levko Popiel, born in Drohobycz and living in Lubljana. These materials refer to the Popiels branch of the Family inhabitating Drohobycz and vicinity.

And here comes letter from Mr. Levko Popiel:


Hello Dear Mr. Jan!

Following up my recent letter I am forwarding following information for your use:

1. Tustanowicze- a chart of Tustanowicze in 1:100 000 scale. All my ancestors were born and lived there.

2. Levko Popiel- genealogy of my family elaborated my my uncle Aleksander Popiel, partially published on your site earlier. Data related to new generation will repeat. Name of the file contains date. File with earlier date means "Genealogy with new data".

3. Michał Popiel- genealogy. A copy of demonstration compiled by my Grandfather in January 1973 – 1st page.

4. Michał Popiel- a copy of genealogy, 2nd page.

5. PopelRodovid.exl- genealogy of other Popiels' lineages living in Tustanowicze (90 per cent) and village Popiele (10 per cent). Possibly, these linneages merge somewhat, but I cannot confirm. Nine page titled "Popiel- różne" contains data, which cannot be referenced to others, since information is incomplete.

6. Szlachectwo.jpg-Szlachectwo8.jpg
That is eight pages of a document related to the nobleness of Teodor Popiel- Popiel-2 w Popel Rodowód www.exl

7. Arhiv1.jpg-Arhiv5.jpg - 5 pages of document related to confirmation of the previously mentioned document.

8.PopelStepan1.jpg-a piece from certain Lviv newspaper, related to Stepan Popiel, my Grandfather's cousin.

9. PopelStepan2.jpg- a piece on Stepan Popiel from "Time and Ideas", no. 110 either of 2000 or of 2001.

10.Popel Stepan3.jpg- Announcement about a Second Intarnational Chess Tournament in honor of  Professor Stepan Popiel, which was held in Lviv.

11.PopelStepanMykhaylo1.jpg-PopelStepanMykhaylo2.jpg- first postcard that Stepan Popiel sent to his cousin, my Grandfather Michał Popiel.

All together I am sending 24 files.

With regards, and waiting further cooperation.


Levko Popiel

Lubljana, 16 April 2002.

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