Popiel (Popiel Dumicz) Krzysztof  (coat of arms Sulima, died circa 1750), sub-prefect of Tuczapy, representative of the Crown at the Ottoman Court.

of Ruthenian ancestry from village (estate) called Popiele (alias Podleze) in Sanok region, and after selling the village (in 1425-1431) the clan settled in new Popiele nearby Drohobycz. Here the Popiels clan increased and numerous branches of the family used by-names for distinction. Popiel was a son of Andrzej (Andrew), an officer-standard bearer in Czernichow regiment and his first wife Maryann from Polanowski. In 1701 there was a court judgement executed against Popiel and his brothers Alexander, John and their sister Helen Molski, sentencing the family to be banned from a part of the estate Popiele because of quarrel they have with Sofie Lanckoronski and their insulting her. In 1711 Popiel was a colonel in the division of Stanley Chomentowski, palatine of Sandomierz. In July 1718 the chief-in-command, the Great Crown Marshall Adam Sieniawski appointed Popiel as a commanding officer of the Chomentowski division stationing in Podole, during Chomentowski's absence. In the same 1718 Popiel became a commanding officer of a Palatine of Mazovia's own husaria regiment. In 1720 Popiel was granted a privilege of co-owning estate Tuczapy in Lviv region; he was then married to Katherine from Ostrzycki, a Julian Druszkiewicz's, previous sub-prefect of Tuczapy widow. From then he called himself a sub-prefect of Tuczapy and in the same year he was granted an office of King's Stewart in Tuczapy and received estate Zbadyn nearby. On May 17, 1721 the Presidium of Senate in Warsaw appointed Popiel a special envoy to the Ottoman Court with rank of internuncio and allowances of 9,000 talars (silver dollars). Due to a lack of agreement between ministers in matter of negotiations with Porta and instructions for the envoy (Great Crown Marshall Adam Sieniawski was against the idea of demolishing Chocim Fortress, a stronghold at the Southern borders of the State, that time in hands of Turks) caused delay and the king August II withheld the mission on August 5, 1721 and finally Popiel started his trip in March 1722, with his Secretary Bazyli Ustrzycki. The legacy arrived to Istanbul on  June 12, 1722 and on July 21 he was received at the court by sultan Ahmed III, to whom he presented the letters from Polish king with a statement that Poland supports peace with Porta. Also, he was received by wezyr (the highest ranking official at the Turkish court) Domad Ibrahim. Popiel requested in name of king August for demolition of the fortress Chocim, stopping Tartars of Budziak, sultan's vassals, from invading frontiers of Poland and tried to obtain sultan's agreement for permanent embassy of the Res Publica in Konstantinopole (Istanbul), however, the Porta did not agree. In September 1722 Popiel returned to Poland. During the Parliament session in Grodno Popiel introduced to the King a Tartar envoy Inaiet Shach Murza, from Chocim's seraskier (commanding officer). That Parliament voted to award Popiel for his envoy's duties and instructed the next Parliament accordingly. On March 20, 1733 confederated Assembly of the Ruthenian Palatinate elected Popiel to the office of Counselor and interregnum Judge from the region of Lviv and County of Zydaczow. Till then he was not compensated for his mission to Istanbul. He was an elector during the succeeding king election and voted and signed up for Stanley Leszczynski with Ruthenian Palatinate. On December 10 1733 a confederation instituted in Wisznia at the king Stanislaus I appointed him a MP. Since he was still not compensated for his mission, the nobility of the Ruthenian Palatinate instructed their representatives to the Parliament of 1744 and 1748 to require an award of substantial amount and a privilege of subtracting it from the lease of Tuczapy sub-prefecture.

Popiel bought estates Topole and Slonowice in Cracov region (1739) from Maryann Tarlo, from Slazki, estates Belzow and Szczekarzow (1743). Together with his second wife Anna from Ledochowski (1.v. Ledochowski), they owned an estate Cecyniowka in Wolyn region.

From his first marriage Popiel had sons Prokop and Jozef. Prokop became a Tuczapy sub-prefect, was an active politician of Ruthenian region. On November 11, 1753 the Wisznia Assembly appointed him a commissioner for 1754 Supreme Court in Radom from Przemysl region. In 1764 he was chosen as an interregnum Judge from Lviv region and as a Counselor to the Confederation of the Ruthenian Palatinate and he voted and signed up with Ruthenian Palatinate, election of the king Stanislaus Poniatowski. On May 25 he became a Counselor to the Leader of the Confederation of Ruthenian Palatinate and signed up an Act of Radom Confederation.

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