opiel, coat of arms Sulima, in Sandomierz lands and other provinces: They say that Wladyslaw, certain king of Poland granted lands to a Popiel, near Drohobycz for great military merits and he established there a village bearing his name, Popyele, which was fairly populated that time. Grzegorz Popiel, about whom the Constitution 1631 f. 48. Jan from the 1633 Parliament, a commissioner for the matter of Hungarian borders appointed, Constit. fol. 31. Roman and Gabryel 1632. Maryanna, a nun from Sacz 1701. And because this house of Popiels is much propagated, they use by-names such as Chosciak, Dumicz or Romanowicz or Czarnokozic. From Chosciaks two brothers moved from the Przemysl area to the Sandomierz province, they were Jacek and Jedrzej; first Jacek sired three sons: Stanislaw, Szymon and Kazimierz, and their mother was a lady of Sulinski, Slanislaw was a king's sword bearer for Zydaczow and his daughter Katarzyna was a 1mo voto wife of count Tarnowski, 2do married to Axak, the king's master of the pantry for Zytomierz, 3tio to Stobnicki, a Lanckorona sub-prefect: and sons, Franciszek the Lojow sub-prefect, married a daughter of the king's chamberlain for Sandomierz, a lady of Borowski, the second, Konstanty, king's master of the pantry for Wislica married lady of Piglowski family, the daughter of the Oswiecim castellan; second Jacek's son, Szymon, the king's master of the game for Podlasie, his one son a monk at Scolarium Piarum, other sons still minors; Szymon's daughters, one married to Dembicki a town judge in Nowogrod, the second married to Romer, the king's treasurer for Radom, the third married to Zawisza, the others still unmarried. Kazimierz, the third son of Jacek, who married Zofia Lanckoronski, the Nowe Miasto sub-prefect sired Jakub who became a Jesuit. Jedrzej, Jacek's brother (son of lady Dmosicka, which family is extinct) left sons: Antoni and Szymon, the knights and Stanislaw a monk at the Society of Jesus, presently a rector of the Sandomierz college. Of Dumicz Popiels that time known were: Jan , the king's master of the game for Sandomierz, the heavy calvary regiment colonel and a militia brigadier, a son of lady of Chometowski, a daughter of the Czechow castellan sired a son Jozef who married lady Skotnicki. Aleksander, the king's master of the cellars, Jan's older brother, a soldier from his youth, married lady Ustrzycki and left a daughter who was married to Zielonka. Krzysztof, their third brother, the Tuczapy sub-prefect, the Crown colonel and an envoy to the Ottoman Porta, first wife of Ustrzycki gave him two sons: Prokop and Jozef, second wife Anna Ledochowski, daughter of the king's master of the pantry for Drohiczyn. Michal, Inflanty palatine's lieutenant had two sons after lady Dembicki: Tomasz and Waclaw in our order these days, and Samuel, a knight. Michal, the second-in-command with Brzuchowski. Romanowicz Popiels are mentioned in Acta Przemysl that they were king's chamberlains for Przemysl.

Jozef Popiel, the Lviv castellan, his wife Ledochowska, Czernichow palatine's sister. Pawel the Malogoszcz castellan. Gabryel, the king's chamberlain for Sandomierz. Gaspar, Wislica treasurer. Krasicki


Herbarz Polski Kaspra Niesieckiego S.J. Powiekszony dodatkami z pozniejszych autorow, rekopisow, dowodow urzedowych i wydany przez Jana Nepomucena Bobrowicza. Tom VII. Lipsk 1841, s. 385

T. X, s. 352:

Popiel, coat of arm SAS- they exist and of this coat of arms, Kuropatnicki i Malachowski write.


Translation from Polish to English: sp


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