Antoni Prochaska, Materialy archiwalne, wyjete glownie z metryki litewskiej, Lwów 1890, s.59


Sanok, April 14, 1431.   Mikolaj z Chrzastowa subprefect and Klimaszko z Pobiedny, judges of peace for Sanok, confirm sale of village Podlansie by lords named Popiel, to lord Pelka z Jurowiec for 160 grzywny.



os Nicolaus de Chranstow gladifer Cracouiensis, capitaneus Sanocensis, Climaschko de Pobyedne iudex districtus Sanocensis, significamus tenore presencium quibus expedit universis presentibus et futuris, ad quos presens scriptum devenerit. Quomodo coram nobis infraque scriptis terrigensis, protune una nobiscum iudicio terrestri presidentibus, personaliter constituti, Chodor, Truchan, Lucz, Dimitr, Thisch, Michaelo, Phil, Truchan, Hryn, Iwan Popyelowie nuncupati, heredes de Podlanszie, non compulsi nee coacti nec aliquo errore seducti, maturo consilio suorum amicorum prehabito , publice recogneverunt,, villam ipsorum Podlanszie predictam, nobili Pelka de Iurgiowce et suis posteris iusta ac vera empcionis, et vendicionis forma vendidisse perprtuis temporibus et in ewum [sic] , pro centum et sexaginta marcis numeri et monete polonicalium, quadraginta octo grossos in quamlibet marcam eomputando, cum omni iure et dominio, utilitatibus, proventibus,, censibus et redditibus vniversis quocumque censeantur nomine, prout plenius in privilegio regali super villa predicta Podlanszie confecto continetur, nichil [sic] penitus iuris pro se aut suis posteris ibidem reservantes, sed prefato Pelka et suis successoribus tam longe tam late, prout soli habuerunt et possiderunt, tunc coram nobis, iudicio, assessoribus integre resignaverunt et plenarie condescenderunt, temporibus perpetuis et in ewum , per ipsum Pelkam et suos successores habendam , tenendam possidendam et in usus suorumque posterum beneplacitos convertendam, prout ipsis melius et utilius videbitur expedire. Denique prenominati Popyelowie fassi sunt plenam , omnimodam satisfaccionem pro dicta villa Podlanszie per suprascriptum Pelkam esse effectualiter consecutos. Presentibus ibidem nobilibus Sigismundo de Srogow, Paulo de Pobyedne, Iohanne filio Czeschiconis, Spithcone de Semuschowa, Pakossio de Pakoschowka, terrigenis districtus Sanocensis et aliis pluribus fidedignis. Actum et datum in Sanok sabbato proximo post conductum solempnis pasche. Anno domini millesimo quadringentesimo tricesimo primo.


Original on parchment: visible evidence of removing original two seals with remaining two parchment strips.
Arch. Metr. Lit. No 123. Compare Akta Grodzkie i Ziemskie (Town and County Archives) V. 11 p. 64. No 461, where there are clauses: si consensus domini nostri prosequetur. That consensus happend on October 29, 1431 r., see No 77 where entire act is shown per extensum.


And here comes English translation of the above Latin document done by the most kind Mr. Stan Bird (, a teacher of Latin at the St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you, Stan.


We, Nicholas de Chranstow, sword-bearer from Krakow, king's subprefect of Sanok, [and] Klimaszko of Pobiedny, district judge of Sanok, declare by the terms of this instrument, by which it is set forth for all, both now and in the future, to whom the present document shall come:  how Chodor, Truchan, Lucz, Dimitr, Thisch, Michael, Phil, Truchan, Hryn [and] Ivan surnamed Popiel stood personally before us and the below-written landowners [who were] at that time presiding together with us in the land court, [and] certified publicly that they, owners of Podlanszie, had sold their own town, the aforementioned Podlanszie, without compulsion or force, having not been misled by any error [and] having received previously the mature advice of their friends, to the nobleman Pelka of Jurowiec and his descendants by a just and true form of purchase and sale for all times and forever for one hundred and sixty units of Polish issue and coinage, reckoning forty-eight measures in any unit at all, with every right and lordship, easements, proceeds, rents and all returns by whatever name they may be accounted, as is contained more fully in the royal privilege drawn up concerning the aforementioned town of Podlanszie, reserving no right for themselves or their descendants in that place; but have, in the presence of us, the court and our assistants, wholly resigned and fully transferred to the aforesaid Pelka and his successors in as great and complete measure as they alone had and possessed [it], to be had, held and possessed for all times and forever, by Pelka himself and his successors and to be converted to the agreeable uses of his [family members], as they shall see fit and proper.  Finally, the aforenamed Popiels declared that they had effectively obtained full, complete satisfaction for the said town of Podlanszie through the above named Pelka.  Present in the same place were the nobles Sigismund de Srogow, Paul de Pobiedny, John, son of Czeschionis, Spithcone de Semuschowa, Pakossio de Pakoschowka, landowners of the district of Sanok and other additional trustworthy men.  Done and given in Sanok on Saturday following the solemn Mass of Easter.  In the year of the Lord one thousand four hundred thirty-one.

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