Barvynski, dr, Bohdan     Konaszewyczi w Peremyskij zemli v XV i XVI stulitiu. Zapysky Naukowoho Towarystwa im. Szewczenka t. C50. Jubilejnyj zbirnyk na poszanu akad. Kiryla Studynskoho, cz. II. Praci istoriczni (Konashevich family in Przemyls land in XV and XVI century. Notes of Shevtchenko Society vol. C50. Anniversary collection by Kiril Studinski, part II.) Historic Works, Lviv 1930 pages 10-175


Established by the Popiels hamlet Kotow near their village Popiele and the salt works became a subject of dispute between the Popiels and the king Zygmunt Stary and in the effect the Popiels were denied rights to Kotow, which became a part of the personal estate of the queen Bona. The Zygmunt Stary's son and successor, king Zygmunt August confirmed the Popiels' rights to the estate.

The document below written in Krakow on April 11, 1549, is a confirmation of the king's Wladyslaw Jagiello's grant of July 21, 1427 to Hrycko and Tyszko Popiel giving them lands Ratyczna:



n nomine Domini Amen. Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Cum in rebus humanis nihil sit firmum et perpetuum, esd omnia fluxa et caduca prudenti consilio inventum est, ut ea litterarum monumentis mandentur, quae ad posteritatis memoriam transire debent. Proinde nos Sigismundus Augustus Dei gratia Rex Poloniae, Magnus Dux Lithuaniae, necnon terrarum Cracoviae, Sandomiriae, Siradiae, Lanciciae, Cuiaviae, Russiae, Prussiae, Masoviae, Samogitiae, Culmensis, Elbingensis, Pomeraniaeque etc. dominus et haeres, significamus praesentibus literis, quorum interest universis praesentibus et futuris, harum notitiam habituris. Exhibitas nobis esse litteras Serenissimi Wladisllai Regis Poloniae, Proavi nostri, sigillo elus appenso communitas, donationem loci vacui seu deserti super fluvio dieto Ratyczna siti in se continrntes supplicatumque, ut eas approbare, confirmare et innovare dignaremur, quarum tenor est iste.

[original king Jagiello's grant of 1427 is quoted here in its entirety]

Quas quidem litteras uti salvas, sanas et integras nullique suspicioni obnoxias, auctoritate nostra Regia approbandurn, confirmandum et innovandum duximus, approbanmusque, confirmamus et innovamus praesentibus litteris, decernentes eas robur debitae firmitatis obtinere. In cuinus rei fidem et evidentius testimonium sigillum nostrum praesentibus est subappensum. Datum Cracoviae, feria quinta post Dominicam Judica proxima anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo quadragesimo nono, Regni nostri vigesimo. Praesentibus Reverendissimo in Christo Patre Domino Samuele Macieiowsky Episcopo Cracoviensi et Regni Poloniae cancellario, necnon Magnificis, Venerabilibus et Generosis Joanne de Koscielecz Palatino Inowlodislaviensi et Brzestensi Dobrzynensi Kowalensique Capitaneo, Petro Opalinsky Gniznensi et Costensi Olstinensique Capitaneo, Spytkonede Tarnow Woiniczensi, Regni Nostri Thesaurario et Brzezniczensi, Krzepicensi, Krzesoviensique Capitaneo, Stanislao Maczieiowsky Lublinensi, serenissimae Coniugis nostrae Curiae. Magistro et Capitaneo Zawichosiensi, Severino Bonar de Balicze Sandecensi ac Oswiacimensis, Zatoriensis Ducatuum, Bieczensi, Rapsthinensique Capitaneo, Nicolao Grabia Helniensi, Regni nostri Vicecancellario et Capitaneo Lubomlensi, Joanne Komorowsky Polanecensi, Nicolao Liutomirsky Czechoviensi Tribuno, Maiori Siradiensi, Joanne Bonar Oswiacimensi Castellanis, Jacobo Uchansky Decano Ploczensi, Archidiacono Warsoviensi, Valentino Dembiensky Curiae nostrae Refferendario, Andrea Czarnkowski Gnesnensi et Lenciciensi Praeposito ac Scholastico, Joanne Przerembski Praeposito, Philippo Padniewsky Cantore Cracoviensi, Secretariis nostris, Nicolao Mniszek de Magna Kunczycze BurgrabioCraconviensi, Cubiculi nostri Praefecto ac Lucoviensi Socaliensique Capitaneo, Joanne Lutomirski Burgrabio Cracoviensi, Curiae nostrae Thesaurario, Nicolao Myskowsky Incisore regni et capitaneo Miedzyrzeczensi, Stanislao Ligeza Pocillatore et Capitaneo Thischowiczensi, Gabriele Tarlo Dapifero mensae nostrae et Capitaneo Chelmensi et allis quam plurimis dignitariis et officialibus nostris circa praemissa existentibus. Datum per manus praefati Reverendissimi etc. Relatio elusdem etc.

Castr. Premisl, T. 312, pag. 305-308.



[The above document together with a copy of the king Jagiello's grant was given to the parties as transubstantiation, together with following king Zygmunt August's decree issued in Piotrkow, on February 4, 1563:]


Sigismundus Augustus Dei gratia Rex Poloniae, Magnus Dux Lithuaniae, Russiae, Prussiae, Masoviae Samogitiaeque etc. dominus et haeres. Significamus tenore praesentium quibus expedit universis et singulis, contineri in actis Cancellatiae nostrae infrascriptas litteras sub hac verborum serie.

[the above document is quoted here together with king Jagiello's grant]

Nos itaque Sigismundus Augustus Rex praefatus, adducti supplicationibus Nobilium Petri, Romani, Nicolai et Pauli Popielow, litteras praeinsertas ex actis Cancellariae nostrae et ipsis easdem) extradi mandavimus. Harum testimonio, quibus sigillum est appensum, Petricoviae, in Conventu Regni nostri Generali, feria quiata post festum Purificationis Beatae Mariae Virginis proxima, anno Domini milliesimo quingentesimo sexagesimo tertio, Regni nostri trigesimo quarto). Joannes Ocieski Regni P. Cancellarius, Relatio Magnifici Joannis de Ocieschino R. P. Cancellarii, Cracoviensis Generalis ae Oswiecimensis, Zatoriensis, Samboriensis, Olstinensisque Capitanei).

[The above decree together with the original king Jagiello's grant and confirmation of said grant by king Zygmunt August was registered in the town of Przemysl archives (Castr. Premisl. T. 312, pag. 305-308) " Nobilis Joannes Popiel Romanowicz in villa Popiele et Kotow sortium suarum haeres" and other members of the Popiels clan.


I have translated that by myself since nobody volunteered. With dictionary and zero knowledge on Latin. Perhaps someone will mobilize and correct it. (sp)

In name of Lord, amen. For perpetual memory of matters. Whereas nothing of human matters last forever, everything is passing and vanishing, it is prudent to thing that this record may last. Therefore we, Zygmunt August by God's grace king of Poland, Great Duke of Lithuania, and also lord and heir of Krakow, Sandomierz, Sieradz, Leczyca, Kujawy, Rusyn, Prussia, Mazowsze, Samogicja, Kolno, Elblag, Pomerania, lands, etc. announce our will to all interested, now and for all times to come with this writting. We were shown a document of the Most August Wladyslaw King of Poland, our great grandfather, true and with his seal, about giving away uninhabited or abandoned lands located entirely in the basin of Ratyczna River and we were asked to agree, confirm, acknowledge and renew what follows.

[original king Jagiello's grant of 1427 is quoted here in its entirety]

Which document is in fact a valid, undoubtedly true decree approved and confirmed by our King and which document we approve, confirm and renew [privilege] and we pronounce that it is legal and it is a law. In which matter truly and evidently we apply our seal.
Made in Krakow in the nearest fifth Sunday after [I was not able to decipher the date - sp] one thousand five hundred and forty nine Lord's year. In presence of the Most Reverend lorg and Father Samuel Maciejowski Krakow Bishop and Kingdom of Poland Chancellor and also Honorable and August Jan of Koscielcz Inowroclaw palatine and Brzesc and Dobrzyn king's sub prefect, Piotr Opalinski Gniezno and Kostrzyn-Olsztyn king's sub prefect, Spytko Tarnow duty officer, Kingdom treasurer and Brzeznice, Krzepice and Krzeszow king's sub prefect, Stanislaw Maciejowski our Court Chamberlain, Master and king's sub prefect of Zawichost Sewreyn Bonar of Balicze  Sacz , Oswiecim and Zator king's sub prefect, king's sub prefect of Bielice and Rapsztyn Mikolaj count of Hel, vice-Chancellor of our Realm and Lubowla king's sub prefect Jan Komorowski Polaniecki, Mikolaj Lutomirski Czechow colonel, Sieradz mayor Jan Bonar, Oswiecim castellan, Jakub Uchanski Plock Deacon and Warszawa Archdeacon, Walentyn Debienski our Court referendary, Andrzej Czarnkowski Gniezno and Leczyca headmaster and theologist, Jan Przerebski  headmaster, Filip Padniewski Krakow cantor and our secretary, Mikolaj Mniszek of Kunczyce Wielkie burgrave of Krakow, our Camberlain and Lukow and Sokal king's sub prefect, Jan Lutomirski burgrave of Krakow and Our Court treasurer, Mikolaj Myszkowski king's clerk and Miedzyrzecze king's sub prefect, Stanilaw Ligeza Cisow cupbearer and king's sub prefect, Gabriel Tarlo King's Master of the Pantry and Chelm king's sub prefect and said Most reverend [secretary], etc.

Przemysl deed record v. 312 p. 305-309


[The above document together with a copy of the king Jagiello's grant was given to the parties as transubstantiation, together with following king Zygmunt August's decree issued in Piotrkow, on February 4, 1563]

 Zygmunt August by God's grace King of Poland, Great Duke of Lithuania, lord and heir of Ruthenia, Prussia, Mazowsze, Samogicja, etc. To all interested and to any one separately the following document originating in our Chancellery is demonstrated.

[the above document is quoted here together with king Jagiello's grant]

We of aforementioned tittles Zygmunt August the Supreme King at the request of noble Piotr, Roman, Mikolaj and Pawel Popiel ordered that the above document was given to them and as an evidence we apply our seal thereto at king's court in Piotrkow on fifth Sunday nearest after holiday of Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one thousand five hundred and sixty three Lord's year. Jan Ocieski the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Poland, chancellor and king's sub prefect of Krakow, Oswiecim, Zator, Sambor and Olsztyn.



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